Volunteers Welcome!

People dedicated to helping the youth of our community are always appreciated in Douglas Pop Warner. Want to Coach, Referee, just help out? We’ll train you. Get involved – call today! 775-781-3704

DPW is administrated, run and coached entirely by volunteers. There is no pay, the hours can be long, the effort is usually unrecognized by the masses, there are very few perquisites, and in the end there is only the satisfaction that they have done their part in creating the wonderful thing called Douglas Pop Warner. The goals are common and simple: to provide the participants with a positive experience that will give them lifetime memories, personal qualities and characteristics that will enhance their life including the experience, knowledge and understanding of commitment, self-discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, integrity, and scholastics.

To volunteer is to give and it is our fundamental belief that you must give to get in life. There are hundreds of jobs that need to be done during the course of the season involving thousands of hours of time. The system works best if more people give a little bit rather than a few people giving until they drop. It is important that everyone help to make the program the best it can be. For some it will be simply having their athlete to the venue on time … they are consumed by other aspects of their life. Others will donate insatiably … they have a burning passion for their athletes, youth sports, and the quality of life in the Carson Valley. The key to success lies in the many others that can give a few hours here and there to make sure that the job is done and done right.

You can volunteer for your team and the program in many ways. We need with field maintenance, snackbar, mandatory play, equipment, league and regional events, computer work, and paperwork. Contact your Team Business Manager or be a Team Business Manager. Contact Jim Valentine or contact a Board Member, let us know you are out there and we can all work together to see how you can best help the program. Thank you very much for your understanding, cooperation and participation this season. The ultimate result of the season will be reflected by our collective efforts … lets make it a great one!

Download PDF File: Volunteer Application

Email us with questions or for more information

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